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Jam & Jelly-- Neon POP Thermal Color Nail Polish

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In the bottle, it is a gorgeous purple polish. It has a unique base that is a COLOR CHANGING THERMAL polish.

When your body is warm, it is a bright pink color and when your body is cold, it is a beautiful bright purple color with a gorgeous shimmer added for pizazz.....

The color change depends on your actual body temperature at the time and the surrounding temperature. There is no glitter in this beauty, but it has a beautiful purplish/blue/gold SHIMMER throughout. It's so hard to capture the stunning shimmer in this polish through the photos. You can also wear this polish over a white base to get a gorgeous solid color...you can still see an ombre effect of a color change but not as obvious as you would without the base color.

During the changing of colors process, your nails will have this ombre effect on them. It is soooo amazing and cheerful on!!!!!!


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