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Elvis Nail Polish by Nail & Bone

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I was born on a farm in Memphis,TN to a wonderful family.  I am a chihuahua dachshund mix.  They call us chi-weenies.  I am small and have a silver dapple coat. The family shared my picture with friends all across the country and my first mom asked that I come to Los Angeles to live with her. I got to go on a plane ride (first class) across the country. How exciting!  I met my new mom and I began to settle in.  Because of my Memphis roots, “Elvis” was chosen as my name.  I was told it was suitable because I am also the king!  A few days later, my mom had to go on a trip and asked that a good friend of hers watch me.  This is when my destiny was set.  My ‘babysitter' never had a dog of her own or understood the appeal.  That was until I came along!  In those 4 days we became inseparable. When my first mom came back from her trip, she saw the bond that had formed.  It couldn’t be denied and ultimately she knew that I would be happiest with her friend.  I went to live with my forever mom and life has been super exciting ever since!  I have traveled with her across the US and Canada. I have been featured in magazines and even a music video!  My mom has learned how wonderful dogs are and now encourages others to become great dog moms.

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