Fizzy Bath Bombs -- Assorted Styles

Premium handcrafted bath bombs made right here in the U.S.A.  Made with the finest ingredients available. 

Aloha: Fragrance Description: Grapefruit with notes of bergamot, citrus and fruit.

Paradise: Fragrance Description: Sugary sweet fragrance with top notes of mixed berries.

Surf's Up: Fragrance Description: Fresh , Slightly fruity , With undertones of coconut.

Princess: Fragrance Description: Raspberry

Vertigo Fragrance Description: White Tea & Ginger

Relax: Fragrance Description: Classic lavender fragrance

Good Vibes: Fragrance Description: White Lilly mixed with fresh cotton. 

Galaxy: Fragrance Description: Oak Moss, Aloe & a hint of Orange

Mango Twist: Fragrance Description: Smells Like Fresh Cut Mango

Satsuma: Fragrance Description: Satsuma mixed with white tea ginger.


  • $5.00