Oscar Nail Polish by Nail & Bone - BFF Here
Oscar Nail Polish by Nail & Bone - BFF Here

Oscar Nail Polish by Nail & Bone

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Named after my 6 year old adorable rescue dog Oscar! I was very close with my grandmother, she was my very best friend and when she passed away I was truly lost. A little while later, I just happened to stumble upon Oscar one day while I was buying cat food with my husband Justin at Petco and he was with the Muttshack Rescue. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a companion but it turned out we both needed each other equally! He helped me get back on my feet when I was mourning. He made me love all over again, and he was the sweetest cuddly pup ever, it wasn't hard too! Ever since I was little I have always possessed a fondness towards rescue dogs and thought they were just as deserving of perfect homes as any other dogs! My mom is the ultimate lover of dogs and I grew up around this. She always rescues whenever she can or helps find other dogs homes! So Oscar being a rescue sealed the deal! Oscar is a mix of a lot of breeds according to the DNA we had done! He is a mix between a Pug, Mini Schnauzer, Pekingese, and a Brussels Griffon. Oscar is so loving with our 15th month old Amelia Rei and brings her and us joy everyday! A thought I always have when it comes to Oscar, is “Who rescued who?!”  

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